Deciding where to advertise online is a tricky decision, one that shouldn't be made lightly.  In fact, I have written an article on the subject!  But the important thing to know is this:  brides are online and you need to be online too.  It's not enough to just 'try and be awesome' and get featured as much as possible ... your branding needs a place to call home and to catch the eyes of planning brides who are looking for what you can offer.  Advertising online helps with your own SEO, catches the eyes of clients and possible wedding professional partnerships that could lead to referrals, and can even help you get published more by being seen by PR reps, magazines editors, or bridal show and radio hosts.  It puts you in the spotlight. 

Welcome to Style Unveiled - a chic and well designed wedding website and blog owned and operated by Heather Sharpe.  The site was created in 2008 as a place to feature and celebrate beautiful weddings with a focus on the creative achievements of wedding vendors.

Style Unveiled has come to be known as the go-to blog for indepth real wedding features, gorgeous inspiration layouts, and text-rich wedding tip and advice posts - without a focus on DIY.  For SU, the achievements and recognition of wedding vendors is so important in any online endeavor.  A quick browse of the site will show a complete vendor listing and credit in everything that Style Unveiled does :)

The dedication to promoting the creative works of wedding professionals has given me the opportunity to speak on the subject at platforms such as WPPI, Bridal Bar Radio on iHeartRADIO, and the Wedding Summit.

Style Unveiled enjoys an audience of planning brides and wedding professionals alike. Style Unveiled is incredibly active across major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Gawker,, and more. We have a social media presence of over 90,000 followers and subscribers.

The features are designed to inspire a high end event.  For this reason, Style Unveiled has delivered qualified clients to esteemed wedding professionals all over the country.

Style Unveiled offers 3 different types of ads.  They are:  profile pages, which are the directory ads, spotlight ads, which are the sidebar ads that show on every page of Style Unveiled, and sponsored posts, which are ads that never expire and live within the content of the blog.

More about Profile Pages:  A featured ad or profile page is an image rich post on Style Unveiled about your business.  It includes your branding, a business description provided by you, all links to your business and social media presence, a link to all past and future Style Unveiled mentions, as well as up to 10 images to illustrate your work.  To see an example of this ad type, click here.  This feature floats within our content for the entirety of your membership.  Upon renewal, you will be placed on the homepage once more.  These ads are subject to approval.

More about Spotlight Ads:  This is our most visible ad and our best value!  The Spotlight ad is a "traditional" blog ad.  It is a 300px x 125px image based ad {no animation} that floats to the right of ALL content on Style Unveiled.  To see an example of this ad, simply look to the right of this text.

The Spotlight ad receives 2,700,000 impressions yearly.  At a price of $69 automatically billed monthly, the price for each 1,000 views of your ad is less than a quarter!

More about Sponsored Posts:  Style Unveiled offers sponsored posts or "advertorial."  These posts are a complete promotion of your company and live on the Style Unveiled site permanently.  Features launch to our homepage and live within our content for people to browse and discover as they click through the site.  These posts live on the Style Unveiled homepage for 15 days to guarantee maximum exposore.  Sponsored posts must be a fit for the Style Unveiled reader.

There are so many different advertising options these days .. some that don't even include an ad, but just social media mentions!  How do you decide what is right for your company?  What if you didn't have to?  Style Unveiled adored members get it all in one easy bundle:  social media mentions, the opportunity to be featured as many times as they want during their membership, access to the secret FB group to they can get to know other adored members in their area for partnerships and referrals, SEO boosting for their own websites, and more.  It's what I call an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN.  What's more, you have access to me, the editor and owner of Style Unveiled.  I am here to work for you and help you grow your business with style.

Ad spaces vary in cost from $69 per month to $1,000 for the year.  Profile pages are $400 for the entire year.  Sponsored posts are $600 and never expire.  Spotlight ads, which are the sidebar ads are $69 per month or $750 for the full year when paid in full.  Please email me for the latest promotions, as I usually have some great bundles going on that will save you some money >