Tips for Adding Décor Lighting to your Wedding!

The right kind of lighting can transform any wedding from dull to dramatic. Elevated Pulse Productions, an Orange County Professional DJ & Lighting company, wrote an awesome article to educate the Style Unveiled readers about the different types of lighting!!  I am a HUGE fan of lighting … LOVE this.

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Up Lighting is one of the basic elements to add to a wedding reception. Up Lights can be coordinated to match your wedding colors and bring some added light to your ceremony and reception venue. There is also the option to “sync” these lights and rotate colors throughout the night for a dramatic effect. Perhaps, you want to start with a soft blush color during dinner and when the dancing starts, change to a purple or blue! These lights are called “up” lights because they do just that…they shine upwards from the floor on key areas around your venue (along the wall, against trees or greenery, highlighting pillars or columns, etc). There are two types of up lights which can be provided. LED up lights can match the cooler, brighter colors and give off no heat and are eco-friendly, using very little power to illuminate. Traditional Par Can up light have the ability to match warm tones such as amber but can get very hot and require more power (ask your lighting professional if additional power will be needed). Both LED’s and Par Can lights have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to discuss what will work best with your wedding planner and lighting company.

Tips for Adding Décor Lighting to your Wedding! Tips for Adding Décor Lighting to your Wedding!

Pin Spot Lighting is a simple way to highlight all of the details and decor at your wedding with a large pay- off because they provide so much value in enhancing your pictures. We guarantee if you ask any floral designer or photographer their opinion, they will absolutely recommend this type of lighting for your reception. These lights are especially perfect if you want to show off the beautiful flowers and details in your centerpieces, along with your cake or sweets table.  They are called “pin” spot lights because of their small size and ability to accurately provide light on even the smallest details. They are usually mounted on a pipe and base structure and can be dimmed to ensure none of your guests are blinded when sitting at their tables. A quality lighting company, like Elevated Pulse, will always stay at the event long enough to check the accuracy and brightness of the pin spots once your guests have been seated.  When you start to combine pin spot lighting with any other decor lighting you can create a very romantic and beautiful ambience that your guests will not forget.



PinSpots1 PinSpots2

Custom Monogram and Texture Gobos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you’ve dreamed of having your name in lights since the day you said “Yes” then the custom monogram light is your answer. There are thousands of pre-designed monograms to choose from OR you can design your own and even match it to your invitations or ceremony program.  The textured gobos are patterns that shine on the dance floor or any focal point throughout your event.  These “breakout” patterns can really add to your design and make your pictures stand out. They can transform any dull, blank surface to a beautiful backdrop. Both the custom monogram and textured gobos require a heavy duty light and quite a bit of power. They also have a production cost associated with them since each gobo has to be custom created for your event. However, these lights can add a lot of value to your lighting design and truly make your event unique.

CustomMonogram1 CustomMonogram2


When adding any lighting to your wedding package, it is important to work with a company that is experienced and knowledgeable to ensure a stress-free wedding day! Contact the lighting professionals at Elevated Pulse Productions to customize a lighting package for your unique event and budget.

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