Advice From Our Brides: Amber, Sarah, and Hannah

You are a planning bride.  You are buying all the books.  You are subscribing to the best magazines.  You are constantly on your computer looking at the top wedding blogs.  Pinning has become your second job.  Your wedding coordinator is on speed dial.  You are a planning bride!!  We wanted to give you something that we feel is so helpful:  advice from our fabulous featured couples.  They have walked down the aisle, they have said 'we do', and they have partied like crazy at their reception.  Then, when all the craziness calmed and they returned from their honeymoons, they whispered to us their 'best advice' ... and we're passing it on to you :)  Today we have chosen to share the advice from AmberSarah, and Hannah.  Tune in next week for the next 3 brides who will share their wedding day tips!

From Amber and and Mark:

Enjoy every bit of planning and what defines the two of you as a couple.  Let this shine throughout your wedding day, and let it be a gift to yourselves and your guests!

Christopher Todd StudiosFrom Sarah and Andy:

Going over everything we had to do I would say the biggest thing I learned was never procrastinate. The sooner you can get done with small things the better cause the closer the wedding gets the bigger the small tedious things tend to get. It will be the fastest year of your life. And as far as the wedding goes, make sure to stop during all the hustle and bustle and enjoy yourselves.

Catherine Rhodes PhotographyFrom Hannah and Eddy:

There's always going to be something unexpected come up the week before your wedding day, so please give yourself plenty of time to REST and time to overcome the unexpectables...  The advice I gave myself was to mentally tell myself the wedding date a month before the actual date, so that everything would be taken care of and I wouldn't have to worry or stress the week of.  Really, the best thing is to just enjoy yourself and this special time with your fiance and loved ones.

Another little advice I tell my engaged friends and clients are, make a list of all the little things and details that you want a photograph of and give it to your photographer, because when the actual day comes, it'll fly by so fast that you're not going to remember anything.

Christine Farah Photography

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