Advice From Our Brides: Jessica, Lisa, and Erica

You are a planning bride.  You are buying all the books.  You are subscribing to the best magazines.  You are constantly on your computer looking at the top wedding blogs.  Pinning has become your second job.  Your wedding coordinator is on speed dial.  You are a planning bride!!  We wanted to give you something that we feel is so helpful:  advice from our fabulous featured couples.  They have walked down the aisle, they have said 'we do', and they have partied like crazy at their reception.  Then, when all the craziness calmed and they returned from their honeymoons, they whispered to us their 'best advice' ... and we're passing it on to you :)  Today we have chosen to share the advice from JessicaLisa, and Erica.  Tune in next week for the next 3 brides who will share their wedding day tips!

From Jessica and Trey:

The biggest piece of advice I have for couples getting married is to always remember what the day is about. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the details but in the end it's about your love for each other and celebrating that.

Joanna Tano PhotographyFrom Lisa and Jonathan:

Our advice for future brides and grooms: share something personal and unique with your guests on your special day. Reading from The Lovely Love Story was the best decision we made for our wedding! Our guests couldn't stop talking about how adorable and memorable it was, and we still get a bunch of guests sharing random dinosaur posts on our Facebook walls. We also ended up getting amazing wedding films since it gave the cinematographers something really emotional to connect all the pieces together. Cinematographers are storytellers, so having a unifying element to drive your love story will truly leave a lasting impression in your wedding films.

onelove photographyFrom Erica and Chris:

Don't over think it.  In the end it's all about you and the one you love...that's what people remember the most.  It really does fly by, so live in the moment while you can!

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