Advice From Our Brides: Juliet, Courtney, and Christine

You are a planning bride.  You are buying all the books.  You are subscribing to the best magazines.  You are constantly on your computer looking at the top wedding blogs.  Pinning has become your second job.  Your wedding coordinator is on speed dial.  You are a planning bride!!  We wanted to give you something that we feel is so helpful:  advice from our fabulous featured couples.  They have walked down the aisle, they have said 'we do', and they have partied like crazy at their reception.  Then, when all the craziness calmed and they returned from their honeymoons, they whispered to us their 'best advice' ... and we're passing it on to you :)  Today we have chosen to share the advice from Juliet, Courtney, and Christine.  Tune in next week for the next 3 brides who will share their wedding day tips!

From Juliet and Jacob:

When your day arrives, release the details from your mind.  Each component may not be exactly as you planned, and that is okay -- adds a little spice and a perhaps a fun story to be told later!  Revel in the experience.  Savor every moment.  What a glorious day!  You will remember for the rest of your lives.

Sebastian Ho Photography From Courtney and Dan:

Don't try and plan everything the week after your engagement. Enjoy the experience and work together to ensure the big day is a reflection of your lives together. Also be sure to make sure the event has a nice flow to it. We felt our wedding was fun because things continued to move and their was plenty of time to dance and socialize and minimal amounts of time waiting for dinner, dances, pie cutting etc.  Also, be selective in choosing your officiant and be sure to have a relationship with him. We felt that because of our close relationship with our officiant he did an incredible job of capturing our relationship and the love we share.

Carlie Statsky PhotographyFrom Christine and Jim:

Our biggest piece of advice is to remember what your wedding day is about. It’s about celebrating your love and commitment to each other, with all of your family and friends. After all the months of planning and decision-making, it comes down to one day, so really try to enjoy every moment!

Love and Lemonade Photography

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