Chicago Bride in the City: Michelle Grassly

Style Unveiled, as hard as we try, knows that sometimes it takes a woman who's walking in your same 'heels' to help with something like planning a day as big as a wedding.  And while we will always be here to help with inspirational photos, real weddings, vendor suggestions, wedding cake inspiration, engagement photo ideas, and more ... we want to bring you something priceless ... Advice from brides who are doing the same as you (right now!!) ... PLANNING THEIR WEDDING :)  Our blog addition, Bride in the City will give you inside info from other brides to help you along the way and make you feel like you're not the only one :)  So ... get ready to bond with Bride in the City guest:  Michelle Grassly

When did you become engaged?

May 26, 2012

When is the big day?

June 22, 2013

What was your engagement shoot like?  What was it like working with your photographer?

We picked Lincoln Park in Chicago to shoot our engagement pictures. Nick and I both loved the versatility of the location, as we were hoping to take shots with a backdrop of nature and greenery as well as the beautiful city skyline. We also headed to the Wrigley Building downtown to snap a few city shots amongst the gorgeous architecture. We found it to be a perfect compromise for a country boy and a city girl.

Stemming from my love for fashion, picking our outfits for our engagement shoot was something that I had looked forward to for weeks. Initially, I had envisioned buying new outfits and accessories for the occasion but soon realized that sticking to our wedding budget seemed to be the smarter decision. We instead decided to take a trip to the local thrift store to find Nick’s jacket and bowtie. I also took a ‘shopping trip’ into my own closet and, with the help of Pinterest, I was able to create fun outfits out of pieces I already owned. Nick was happy that he was able to wear his ‘Chuck’s’ as was I to be wearing polka dots and cheetah print. We felt it was a true reflection of our own personalities and styles.

Nick and I both had a blast working with Jake of Two Birds Photography during our engagement session!  Jake was amazing to work with, as his visions are beyond what we could have imagined. As the true artist he is, Jake used the scenery as his canvas, truly capturing the story of us within his photographs. He also made it so easy for us to be ourselves in front of the camera and we can’t wait for him to shoot our wedding next summer.

What is your venue and why did you choose it?

Our wedding ceremony will be held at St. Clement Church in Lincoln Park. We chose this Catholic church because it is located right around the corner from our first apartment, which is special to us. The church is also absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to get married there.

The reception will be held a few miles down the road at The Woman’s Club of Evanston. We fell in love with the venue when we walked through the door! We chose the Woman's Club because of its beautiful architecture, the location, and the way it fit within our vision of the big day. The wedding coordinator, Carol Short, has also been amazing to work with. She has made the process less stressful and has really cared about our event. I can't wait to celebrate our marriage with all of our friends and family at this beautiful venue. 

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

I'm most excited to look out into the crowd at all of the people there to celebrate our marriage. It is wonderful to think that all of our friends and family will be together in one room. I have heard it is the most amazing feeling in the world to know that they are all there for us.

I also can't wait for Nick to see me in my wedding dress and to see Nick's face when I walk down the aisle. I dream about it all the time and I can't wait for this moment to be real.

Is there anything you are nervous about for your wedding day?

Everything coming together as planned. It is crazy to think a years worth of planning is supposed to just come together on the big day. I have already promised myself that no matter what happens on our wedding day it is not worth fretting over. And if it rains, I'll just have to laugh at my crazy, frizzy hair

Are you planning to have a 'first look' and photos before the wedding ceremony?

We are not going to have a first look and are going to wait to see each at the ceremony. There's just something about the old-fashioned way of waiting. I can already imagine the feeling of the church doors opening and looking into his eyes as I walk towards him. In my mind, it's perfect.

What is your best advice to brides who are currently planning their wedding?

Enjoy the process! Planning is fun but can be overwhelming. I feel like there is always never ending to-do lists and not enough time in a day. Try to budget your time so that when you are able to accomplish tasks you end the day with the feeling of satisfaction. Crossing things off the list feels great!

One last thing, try not to lose track of what you are planning for. Remember that at the end of the day, when it is all over and done with, it is all for you and your husband. Enjoy the process together, it's fun and a great way to bond in a whole different way! 

What is your wedding theme or concept going to be?  What inspired it?

Our wedding theme is a mix of vintage and contemporary styles. We are using chevron patterns, gold accents, light orange and bright pink flowers. It is a perfect mix of romance and fun, which reflects our relationship perfectly. 

How has your fiance been involved in the wedding planning process?

Nick has been wonderful during the entire process. He has assisted in many tasks, listened to all of my crazy ideas, and even helped with a few DIY projects. It was so cute to see him punching out glittery hearts and tying bows of tule for our save the dates. I love that he provides his own opinion and truly cares about each part of the planning process.

He has also helped me stay sane throughout this entire process. Sometimes bringing over a glass of wine while I'm addressing 200 envelopes is just what I need.

What are 3 words to describe how you are feeling right now?

Behind. Excited. Blessed.

Photographer: Two Birds Photography

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I just love city weddings and Chicago is a great place to have one. I really adore the photos from the engagement shoot with the brick background they are so romantic.

December 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterModern Wedding Decorations

Thanks for another awesome feature!! We are so excited for this wedding!

January 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

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