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Panacea Event Floral Design

Flowery styled for weddings of distinction on the beautiful Central Coast of California.  We delight in working with brides on unforgettable weddings with unique fleurishes that make each of our weddings personal.

Contact: Corinne Samu-Smith



Phone: 805.595.7795

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Photo Credits: Allyson Magda Photography | Frame 36 Photography

Style Unveiled:  How did you find your love for designing flowers?

Corinne Smith:  Probably when I was a very young child in the garden with my mom and grandmother.  I was constantly playing in the flower garden, playing hopscotch between the lilac bushes, cutting pods open to see what was inside, just generally enamored.  During high school I worked at the flower shop of some close family friends.  I started out washing buckets and eventually I got to design for the store cooler and help with the personal flowers of weddings.

Photo Credit: Chloe Murdoch Photographer

Style Unveiled:  If you could choose 2 focuses for your design that you feel you excel in and are deeply passionate about, what would those 2 directions be?

Corinne Smith:  It's no secret I've been completely smitten by my trips to Paris.  Paris is an incredible dichotomy of styles ~ the old and historical with cutting edge modern.  I love that.  That concept has influenced my design perspective more than anything and I do carry that with me.  The other influence is definitely art - I'm madly in love with the Dutch Masters and their use of texture, flowers and fruit.  My favorite designs combine botanical elements in addition to blooms, such as vines, fruit, pods and unusual leaves.  I'd love to include a grasshopper here and there, but just for pictures!

Photo Credit: Alicia Alejo for The Photo Friends

Style Unveiled:  What do you love about working with brides and helping them plan their very special day?

Corinne Smith:  Really it's such an incredible honor to be involved in such a major day in a bride's life.  I'm very humbled and driven by that.  To have a bride come and sit on our settee and share her concepts with me, then I get to make them come alive - wow, nothing better than that.

Photo Credit: Frame 36 Photography | Mike Larson Inc

Style Unveiled:  If you had full creative freedom and were told to choose 1 flower to fully decorate a wedding day with, which flower would you choose and why?

Corinne Smith:  Pretty tough question for me!  It probably changes every day truthfully.  Today, I would choose gloriosa lilies.  They're a little unusual, but ridiculously vibrant in a delicate sort of way.  Designing "en masse" with them would be breathtaking.

Style Unveiled:  Which colors do you hope will be used more in the upcoming (2013) wedding season?

Corinne Smith:  More than a specific color, I hope brides will do more tone on tone with more colors.  I love effect of that look in photos.  I think it's super sophisticated and incredibly impactful.

Photo Credit: Julie Wilson Photography

Style Unveiled:  What do you love about decorating vineyards and wineries with flowers? Why are vineyard weddings so special in your opinion?

Corinne Smith:  Well, how can you live in California and not be crazy about vineyards & wine!  They are one of the primary influences in California style.  There is something very symbolic to me about old vines producing incredible fruit each year.  To me it is the perfect backdrop for nuptials, given the right combination of love and care, magic happens.  I love the rustic aspect of the vines and to play with naturalness of vineyards while incorporating something hearty like wrought iron and something delicate like silk.  So many possibilities and it is quintessential California!


Style Unveiled:  How many weddings does Panacea Event Floral Design accept in a season ... do you limit yourself and why?

Corinne Smith:  It changes every year, depending on my personal schedule (travel and family).  I've come to realize that there is a "sweet spot" for us that ranges between 25-40 weddings.  We only accept two weddings per weekend, preferably on two different days.  We want to be completely focused on each wedding client we take on, on the day of their wedding.  As well, I want to be a valuable resource to our clients, offering them great options throughout the design process.  I can do that very well, if my client load is not overwhelming.  It's most important that I love what I'm doing, when I have a schedule that is too full, I don't and I never want my clients to suffer.

Photo Credit: Mike Larson Inc | Ken Kienow Photography

Style Unveiled:  What has been an obstacle you have faced on a wedding day and how are you prepared for emergency situations that arise?

Corinne Smith:  Believe it or not, weather is the major obstacle we face on a regular basis, heat & wind are the nemesis of flowers.  Because most of our weddings happen outside, we have to be prepared to accommodate mother nature. The week of a wedding, I'm tracking Accuweather on my iPhone like a feign.  Based on that, we rearrange timeline of installation, add extra staff and engineer wedding structures.  The best way to overcome an obstacle is to anticipate it ahead of time and then prepare.  I feel like that's where 14+ years of experience comes in handy.

Photo Credit: Jake Odening at The Collective Photographers | Frame 36 Photography

Photo Credit: Mike Larson Inc

Panacea Event Floral Design is a paid sponsor of Style Unveiled.  We thank them very much!

Floral Designer: Panacea Event Floral Design

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Absolutely stunning work! The 14+ years of experience is something I'd find really valuable, alongside these gorgeous shots.

October 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

What a lovely couple and nice photography . I love it !

November 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterwedding planning tips

What beautiful shots! I love them! ♥

Natalya @ Ruff House Art

November 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNattie

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