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Alante Photography is Loren Callahan and Kimberly Person.  They pride themselves on creating romantic, moody, and sexy wedding photos.  Published all over the web and print world, they have come to be known for an effortless and natural style that lets their clients' personalities shine as well as for 'late night portraits.'  These late night sessions let the couple escape the reception craziness for a spell and create images that that show the passionate connection between brides and grooms. 

They are based in Seattle but available everywhere. They've photographed in Europe, Asia, and all over North America.  Enjoy a peek at their portfolio as you get to know them below!

Contact:  Loren & Kimberly



Phone:  206.418.6286

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Style Unveiled:  You guys are a couple!  How did you two meet?

Kimberly & Loren:  OK, don't laugh.  Even though we'd been shooting professionally seperately, we started seeing each other after meeting as vendors at a wedding show.  We quickly realized that we should join forces and the modern Alante Photography was born!

Style Unveiled:  Tell us about what makes weddings in the Pacific Northwest so special.

Kimberly & Loren:  Seattle is a really fantastic place to call home.  As wedding professionals here, we have tons of different looks in such a close proximity.  We have snow, mountains, water, and the most beautiful evergreens.  Also, being the seat of companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Nintendo we have REALLY fun and creative clients who collaborate with us with the BEST wedding ideas!

Style Unveiled:  What is your favorite thing that people do with your images?

Kimberly & Loren:  For us, it's always magical when a picture becomes physical.  It's fun to share images on Facebook and blogs but there's something so special about a print or an album.  We include beautiful, custom designed {by us!} albums that are printed and bound in Italy in all of our wedding collections.  It's such an impactful way to look through your wedding day with the best of the best images collected together to tell your story.  We've included a look at one of our albums from a 2011 wedding below to click through!

Style Unveiled:  Since you're in Seattle, what happens if it rains?

Kimberly & Loren:  Seattle wedding vendors are super nimble.  For starters, we definitely have a "wedding season" when people can *pretty* accurately count on it not raining.  That's between the second week of July through September.  We do a lot of outside weddings then and during other parts of the year, we have beautiful indoor weddings.  That said, there are many days when the weather turns and everyone has to kick over to a rain plan.  If you're working with true wedding pros, there is ALWAYS a rain plan to fall back on. 

Style Unveiled:  Your couples always look so natural in front of the camera?  How do you accomplish that?

Kimberly & Loren:  It's a multi-faceted approach ;)  We are HUGE relationship people.  It's not uncommon for us to have met with our couple four or five times before their wedding.  We meet, chat, talk wedding, talk life, talk dogs {we have a Mini Australian Shepard named Bokeh!} - and that's generally in the first meeting... lol.  We accept a limited number of weddings each year because of how much time we know we'll be happily investing in each couple.  We want them to be as comfortable with us as possible on their wedding day.  This means that engagement sessions become double dates!

Style Unveiled:  Your groom photos make them look SO cool all the time.  How do you get grooms to open up?

Kimberly & Loren:  Every bride tells us how excited she is for the wedding photos and how her groom "hates being photographed."  It's totally not uncommon seeing as most grooms think of professional photos as the pictures they've seen in department stores.  It's really important to us that the groom come away with amazing pictures of his wedding day, too.  We work really hard to relax our grooms, make it a low stress environment, and most importantly - involve his groomsmen since they're going to be the ones to pull out the best expressions from him.

Style Unveiled:  Tell us more about "Late Night Portraits."

Kimberly & Loren:  We LOVE these so much!  We really think that these set us apart from the amatuer photographers {hello, Uncle Bob} that couples could be tempted to use.  During the reception, generally after the dancing has started and the bride and groom have been hugged, congratulated, and pulled eighteen different directions, we'll get a look from them.  It's a "please get me out of here, just for a few minutes" look.  So we do!  It's about 15 - 20 minutes of peace and quiet and gentle reconnection with each other at the end of a very big day.  We use some great lights to give it a special look and then return them to the party!

Style Unveiled:  We hear a lot of "Do's" on hiring photographers, can you tell us some red flags to look out for during a photographer search?

Kimberly & Loren:  Absolutely!  We are big proponents of consistency.  In this age, people can take a handful of great photos, really work them up in Photoshop, and create a website.  Achieving consistency throughout an entire wedding day requires the skills that true professionals bring to your wedding day.  As you search for photographers, make sure that you're looking through full wedding days.  Is everything from the getting ready through the grand exit represented?  Is it just a few great portraits but no candids?  Do they show the ceremony or all those details you planned so hard for?

Add to that the fact that you will be with your photographers THE MOST of all your vendors that day.  They are essentially your shadows.  If personalities don't click, it's not a fit.  You don't want to feel awkward and imposed upon on your own wedding day.  If you're hiring a photographer from a distance, Skype with them!  We do ;)

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Alante Photography is a paid sponsor of Style Unveiled.  We thank them very much!

Photographer: Alante Photography

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Beautiful shots, makes me miss Seattle!

June 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFlicker Stage

Your photos are wonderful.....thanks for sharing!

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