Newport Beach Bride in the City: Yumi Nikolic

Style Unveiled, as hard as we try, knows that sometimes it takes a woman who's walking in your same 'heels' to help with something like planning a day as big as a wedding.  And while we will always be here to help with inspirational photos, real weddings, vendor suggestions, wedding cake inspiration, engagement photo ideas, and more ... we want to bring you something priceless ... Advice from brides who are doing the same as you (right now!!) ... PLANNING THEIR WEDDING :)  Our blog addition, Bride in the City will give you inside info from other brides to help you along the way and make you feel like you're not the only one :)  So ... get ready to bond with Bride in the City guest:  Yumi Nikolic

When did you become engaged?

December 12, 2011

When is the big day?

August 25, 2012

What was your engagement shoot like?  What was it like working with your photographer?

It's was really fun having the engagement session with Wai of Wai Reyes Photography. She made us feel relaxed and ourselves.

Who are some of the wedding vendors that you have already decided to hire?

Our DJ will be the wonderful DJ Andrey Chayka. We found him through our friends recent wedding and he was a lot of fun! He even sang and he had a friend with an accordian. You wouldn't think that someone with an accordian could tear the night away, but it was a blast! And the accordianist sang great and danced great, too!

What is your venue and why did you choose it?

We will be having the wedding at Newport Dunes in Newport Beach. I attended a wedding at Newport Dunes, and I was enthralled by the beautiful ambiance! It was a nice and cozy place overlooking the bay. It was picturesque!

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

I'm most excited about having his family and my family meet. I'm also most stressed about this too! But I believe it will be a wonderful and cordial night. Also, I'm most excited about wearing my fancy dress! I picked out the perfect dress and I can't wait to see his eyes on me walking in!

Is there anything you are nervous about for your wedding day?

I'm most nervous about having our families meet! I'm also nervous about completing the remainder of the necessities to ensure the wedding day goes smoothly!

What is your wedding theme or concept going to be?  What inspired it?

The main idea is to be green! I love the color green! And I have a big green thumb!

Where are you planning to travel for your honeymoon?

We are planning on visiting Europe. I love the ballet, so he will be taking me to see the ballet companies in Paris and Germany! For the remainder of the time, we'll be driving along the countryside, visiting gardens and museums. It will be an exquisite trip!

How is your husband-to-be helping with the wedding planning?  What are his tasks?

English is my second language, so he helps to call and write when coordinating with people.

What is your best advice to brides who are currently planning their wedding?

It's important to be concerned about your family's wishes. But it's your special day, so enjoy that day for yourself! Also, wear comfortable shoes.

Are you planning to see each other for photos prior to the ceremony?

Most definitely not! We'll be nervous wrecks before the ceremony! That isn't the appropriate time to take photos! I would rather have the photos taken after the ceremony, so we will be more comfortable!

What are 3 words to describe how you feel right now?

Our patient love

Photographer: Wai Reyes Photography

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