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Davia Lee Weddings & Events

My passion for exquisitely designed, distinctly planned and professionally executed weddings & events ensures that your day is everything you have ever dreamed of. Whether it is preparing for issues before they arise, or finding unique ways to make sure your wedding reflects your personality and style, I am here for you. I will be your backbone, your support system and your advocate. My goal is to undoubtedly show you that your day will surpass your expectations & make every dream come true.

Here at Davia Lee Events, I offer a fresh perspective on event planning and design, aiming to create a magnificent event in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and entertaining. Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life. It is every couples dream and a moment you’ve been envisioning since childhood. Whether you’ve imagined an elegant garden soiree or a rustic country wedding, it is my job to see that every dream becomes a reality. Leave the details and planning to me while you cherish every moment with those closest to you.

Contact:  Davia Montoya



Phone:  805.588.4793

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Danielle Capito Photography

Danielle Capito Photography

Danielle Capito PhotographyDanielle Capito Photography

Danielle Capito Photography

What is your planning & design philosophy? What inspires you?

Davia:  My favorite part about my job, if I had to pick one, would be that each wedding is completely different from the other. This is something I remind myself of daily. It gives me the opportunity to find that one thing that is going to be special for that couple and them alone. 

I am truly inspired by everyday life and the little details that make each individual unique. I love to bring out the elements that define you as a couple that you might have thought you would never be able to include in your wedding. Every day I am motivated to make each wedding uniquely different and a complete reflection of the couple.

I put my heart and soul into Davia Lee Events. I truly love what I do. I am obsessed with weddings and think about them on a daily basis. I have a passion for what I do and will do everything in my power to make each wedding truly magical.

Danielle Capito Photography

What is your favorite wedding style & ideal couple?

Davia:  I love when a wedding reflects both the bride and groom. True love never goes out of style. I believe that any wedding is capable of being timeless with the right marriage of individual styles & ideas.

I love working with couples that are willing to think outside the box and want to bring their personal style into their special day. It gives me goose bumps hearing about how they first met, where their first date was, what they love to do on a Saturday night, where they shop, what they drink, what makes them get up and dance and what they love about life. Listening to couples pour their hearts & souls into their wedding is something indescribable. Whether they come to me with a million ideas, completely opposite ideas or none, I get to listen to their dreams & hopes for what will be the most special day of their lives at that moment. Getting to take it all in & create a vision to bring to life for them is a true honor.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with some astounding couples, the ones that are truly head over heels in love. I have also been lucky enough to truly connect with some of these couples & adore them. When you are able to connect with a couple the possibilities for their wedding are endless. This will be my goal each year because there is something unexplainable about being able to bond with a couple. It is a feeling you will always remember.

Danielle Capito PhotographyDavia Lee Events is a paid sponsor of Style Unveiled.  We thank them very much!

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